Physically Challenged Man Inspired Netizens Worldwide

Often times, we find ourselves facing problems and challenges that we almost gave up. But those challenges just define how strong we are as an individual. No matter how big or small this might be, as long as we never lose the courage to overcome them, they will just make us stronger than what we were yesterday.
This is a Malaysian short film entitled “Stand by Me” which involves a male character, a victim of an accident that made him handicapped and different from ordinary. He is a living representation of such individuals that fights and never loses hope even in the darkest of times.
What made this man lucky is his loving mother who takes care and loves him unconditionally, with all the failures that he had suffered. His physical inability never discouraged him in trying to live a normal life again. He had enough of being a prisoner of his own body. He even applied a job designed for person with disabilities like him. Watch the video below:

With the love of the people around us and the faith that we had, we can overcome even the impossible things that we could only imagine. Never abandon those people who are with us in our toughest times, they are priceless.
And as the film ends, it left a message of appreciation to a loving mother who had been with him all those times:
“You can’t be with me forever but I wish to be with you for your entire life.”

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