Best Relationship Goals Quotes Collection

Best Relationship Goals Quotes Collection

Hi guys here are some of the best inspiration for you. Falling in love is not just a piece of cake; it will consume a lot of time, sacrifice and Love.  To Love and be Love is the greatest feeling we will ever feel. Share our on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.






I only want 3 things right now: See you. Hug you. Kiss you

A kiss on the forehead is one of the sweetest things in the world.

Talking to you, laughing with you, being with you, changes my whole mood.

Cuddling in bed and falling asleep is probably the best feeling in a relationship.

When you finally find that person who makes you feel special, makes you feel loved, and put your happiness first, don’t lose them.

I’m glad I met you, I hope you know that.

We all have that one person that we’ll always have feelings for, no matter what.

Just one look, & it takes you right back to those memories.

Real boyfriends don’t keep secrets from their girlfriend.

You’re in a relationship to grow closer together, not to hide things & ruin trust.


I still remember how we started talking


A boyfriend should always do the things it took him to get his girl.

Even after she’s his.